Detailed Opportunities

Each Client and Candidate has different needs, and each assignment conducted by Spyglass Search is unique. What remains constant are the high standards we apply throughout the course of all assignments. We go the extra distance to gather all the appropriate information on the front end of each engagement so we’re not wasting either party’s time at the critical closing moments. This information might include but is not limited to:

  1. Physical layout and description of Company offices and facilities
  2. Full description of position duties and responsibilities
  3. General overview of organizational and departmental structure
  4. Short and long term opportunities associated with the position
  5. Full disclosure of salary, incentives, and benefits
  6. Objective description of key players and personalities
  7. Details of company mission, values and strategic objectives
  8. General business overview including products, services, # of employees, age of company, culture, infrastructure, systems and growth strategies.
  9. Initial projects and challenges to overcome in first 6 months
  10. Interview process (#stages, with whom, psych test, physical)

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